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A Planner Never Sleeps...

Shanae Hall, Owner and Event Planner for Party Life Productions, tells about what Party Life means to her:

Shanae Hall, Event Planner

“Party Life is not just a business name; it’s a way of life…my way of life.  In fact, it’s the events of my life that sparked the creation of Party Life Productions.  After years of using every life moment as an excuse to create a memorable party or event for family and friends to enjoy, I realized party planning had my heart. You may ask what will make Party Life Productions so different from so many other talented event planning companies, I certainly did.  I realized that what I’d learned over time is that what guests appreciated the most about my work was the budget it was created under. I never had a lot to spend but you’d never be able to tell. It became my philosophy, one I believed in so much I created a company based on it. An event should never be compromised by a budget; fabulous doesn’t have to bare a matching price tag. Party Life would be the company to ensure that millionaires aren’t the only ones able to have a “platinum event.”